Phuong's Nursery & Home Decor

The Why

As a family, we have always adored plants. We love the way they grow and change. We wanted to bring the charm of plants into your inviting homes and decided what better way than to have a nursery!

We also have home decor options so that you can style your home and add a fresh look to your spaces.

Whether it's the memories that plants can bring about or the framing of a beloved photo, we are glad to help you cherish and enjoy memories

The How

We take care of each plant individually and recognize their unique needs to flourish. If you have any questions at all about how to best take care of your plants, just ask away! We love to share tips

We use high-quality frames to help preserve your art and photos. The art of the wall can really be a great conversational piece and turn a house into a home.


100% WOW

There are endless benefits to adding some new green outside and inside your home. 

Plants make for great natural air purifiers so that your space feels refreshed and anew. They also create a sense of tranquility and gives peace of mind to anyone passing by. 

Framing your photos are a great way to really showcase the people and memories that you care about.